Re: New Least Power Draft

/ was heard to say:
| ============Good Practice Note Box========
| Good Practice: Use the least powerful language suitable for expressing 
| information, constraints or programs on the World Wide Web."
| ======================================
| So, the Good Practice Note is called the "Rule of Least Power", allowing 
| others to easily quote and reference it.  Accordingly, the finding is 
| renamed to "The Rule of Least Power". 

I haven't had a chance to read the minutes of the meeting(s) I missed
while on vacation, so I don't know what other comments arose, but the
finding looks good to me.

One minor comment: the two good practice notes seem very, very
similar, to the point where I initially thought the second might be an
accidental repetition of the first. If the editor was inspired either
to find some way to combine them or distinguish them, that'd be cool.
If not, that's ok too.

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