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> I am pleased to announce the availability of a new editors' draft of the 
> finding on least power.  The primary goals of this version were:
> * To include a principle (earlier drafts had only a good practice note)

I wish we could find a postive statement of the principle.
"Principle: Powerful languages inhibit information reuse." doesn't
appeal to me.

> * To take account of recent emails on Turing completeness, Chomsky 
> hierarchies, etc., and to settle the question of whether this is the only 
> axis of complexity pertinent to the finding (it isn't) and whether we are 
> going to explain Chomsky hierarchies etc. in more detail (we aren't).
> * To prepare a draft that would be nearly final.  The general tone of the 
> last TAG discussion was that we were getting close to final.  The changes 
> in this draft are small in quantity but significant, so they could be a 
> step backward for some.

Yes.. Hmm... as a consequence, you seem to have changed the title
from "Principle of least power" to "rule of least power."
I don't find that appealing at a glance.

>   Still, I'm hoping we're close to done.
> I think the new draft speaks for itself, but for those who are curious 
> about the change of title and the wording of the principle, here's the 
> explanation.  If you prefer, just read the draft and skip the following.
> *****************************BEGIN EXPLANATION OF 
> CHANGES************************************

[sending this before I get a chance to read the rest... gotta scribe...]

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