Fwd: Offline operation of a Web application

The question below made its way to me and it seems to have  
significant architectural implications, so I'm looking to see if it  
is/has been considered by the TAG or others at W3C.  In particular,  
has disconnected operations

1. come up in TAG discussions?

2. been addressed in other W3C work, for example with the mobile Web?



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> Date: December 18, 2006 3:56:23 PM EST
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> Subject: RE: Offline operation of a Web application
> I recall some traffic about the W3C looking at off-line web  
> application
> issues. Does this ring any bells with you?
> - Dan
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> From: Bryson, Dave
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> Subject: Offline operation of a Web application
> All...I wanted to ping this idea off of you for your general  
> opinion and
> to see if you know of any sponsors that may be interested in something
> like this:
> As more and more applications move to a Web based interface, how do  
> they
> deal with offline operations on networks with intermittent  
> connections?
> This is a problem I've been thinking about for a while:
> http://blogs.mitre.org/blogs/permalink.cfm? 
> username=ImaginationLab&id=81
> 46 - Essentially the capability to work with a web app "offline" and
> re-synch the data when a connection is restored
> Recently we've seen some evidence of offline use in commercial apps:
> http://iscrybe.com/main/index.php and there's some bits and pieces of
> information around the internet.  What I want to do is go after a
> prototyping grant to build a simple demo that not only shows it in
> action, but also identifies/documents  what it takes to make it work,
> along with its feasibility in the context of our sponsors. I believe
> this is capability that can be very useful to our customers.
> Any thoughts or pointers are greatly appreciated!!
> Thanks!
> Dave
> Dave Bryson
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