RE: [metaDataInURI-31] New draft of "The Use of Metadata in URIs"

David Booth wrote:

> Nice work,

Thank you.

> but I wonder if this "Good practice" note is really adding
> much:
> [[
> Good Practice: Web sites SHOULD use hyperlinks and URI metadata in a
> manner that minimizes confusion for users, and SHOULD NOT misleadingly
> apply common conventions for encoding type information into filenames
> and URIs.
> ]]
> Isn't it rather like saying Web sites SHOULD be designed well and SHOULD
> NOT do malicious things?  It seems like kind of generic advice.

I agree.  In the draft to be published shortly, you will find that the 
whole section has (again) been significantly reworked, and the good 
practice note you quote above has been removed. 

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