Decision tree for CURIEs [was: RE: Objection to Debate Scheduling]

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The decision tree could be written down like this (if possible, 
read using a fixed-pitch font):

   Q: Does the W3C consider that, in the absence of CURIEs, there 
      is a serious gap between requirements and solutions?

      Y: Does the W3C consider that CURIEs provide a good solution 
         to this gap?

         Y: Done.

         N: Devise a better solution.

      N: The W3C and the rest of the World (Wide Web) agree to 

* At Reuters, we have been using CURIEs, initially without that 
  name, for two years and eleven months.

  At the IPTC, we incorporated CURIEs, initially without that 
  name, into NewsML 2 nine months ago.  We subsequently adopted 
  the name CURIE, in the light of Mark Birbeck's work.

Misha Wolf
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