Re: Draft minutes of 18-October-2005 TAG Telcon

On 10/18/05, Roy T. Fielding <> wrote:
> In any case, the point I was making on the call is that the source
> of the background information about this case is not reliable
> and that the W3C should get the actual facts straight before
> making an issue out of it.  I have no idea what those facts may be
> and am not comfortable with advocacy based on speculation.

I think this is the wise course of action. I am glad the TAG is
investigating. My post was simply intended to help the TAG gather some
of those facts.

It would be especially depressing if this guy got a criminial
conviction for what appears to be a bug in Safari and an overeaction
by a web admin and the courts. Perhaps this is not the case, but it
seems plausible and worth looking into.


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