Re: More on distinguishing information resources from other resources

Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> Please join me in a chant of "It just doesn't matter."
> [... +1 ...]
> When a URI does get used in an ambiguous manner, the SW now
> has a defined algorithm for disambiguation that will allow it
> to note such errors accordingly. When a purely conceptual
> resource is identified using a URI, the hypertext Web can still
> be used to follow the chain of links to provide more information
> about the resource without causing ambiguity.  Everyone wins.

Strong agreement except for the word "algorithm".  Practically, the
information can be used as a /heuristic/, and provides similar
disambiguating power to an rdf:type annotation. ie it's entirely
optional metadata about the resource. In TAG terms then - as a
heuristic, there's potentially a similar principle in effect here as
there is for side-effected GETs, insofar as a resource owner can't be
held responsible for the conclusions reached on that resource due to the
response code served up for it.


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