Re: More on distinguishing information resources from other resources

Henry S. Thompson wrote:

>_Beethoven's Symphony No. 6_:
Actually, that may be enough to some people, but not to all. Who's the 
director? Which orchestra? What recording date? Besides, this is an MP3 
representation, generated by some individual at some bitrate; there 
might be others. There might also be an SACD or DVD version. The CD may 
have been remastered from AAD to ADD. It may be in the public domain and 
come from multiple labels (EMI, DG, ...). What about the original 
recording tape? What does uniquely define this symphony after all? A 
printed music sheet? The original manuscript? What if there are several, 
like in Bruckner's case? What about transcriptions? We all know 
intuitively what Beethoven's 6th Symphony is, we can all recognize the 
tune, and yet can't quite point to it so precisely. (This is why 
hyperlinks matter.)

But Roy may be right, this may be best left to the responsability of the 
document author, not the architecture. The RDF representation of the 
above resource may be quite long; but a shorter (hierarchical?) version 
may suffice to most people.


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