RE: Potential new TAG issue: Numeric LocalPart of QName held in attribute value

Hi Noah,

> Misha Wolf writes:
> Am I correct that such software is also likely to work correctly 
> only on the first of the following two equivalent forms?
>    I.  <e demoAttr="3" xmlns=""/>
>    II.  <e demoAttr="p:3" xmlns:p=""/>
> Whatever the other pros and cons of QNames, it seems to me that you
> should use them properly and consistently if they are used at all.
> I'm not clear on why Dan's suggestion of:
>    I'. <e demoAttr="_3" xmlns=""/>
> is harder for legacy software than II. above, and you're presumably
> committed to supporting that in any case?

The IPTC currently provides 28 vocabularies.  Each News provider is 
free to use any of these vocabularies, any vocabularies of their own 
devising and any vocabularies provided by anyone else.  Some of these
vocabularies use numeric codes; others do not.  Some do both: the 
IPTC OfInterestTo vocabulary [1] contains items such as Teenagers, 
18to30, 30to40, 40to50, Over50, General, ...

So our choices would be to require that a "_" be prepended:

-  in all cases

-  or for all codes starting with a digit

Both seem like kludges.



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