RE: Significant W3C Confusion over Namespace Meaning and Policy

Patrick Stickler wrote:
>> In the same way an XML Schema might be obtained when dereferencing a
>> namespace qualitifed XML element name, and this might be used to 
>> validate
>> the content.

> But *which* ontology?! *Which* XML Schema?!
>Multiple ontologies/schemas/models/versions can all employ the same 

I am not claiming that RDDL solves this problem by itself.

What RDDL enables is a mechanism for the namespace author to *list* multiple
ontologies, XML Schemas, etc., in a labelled fashion, so that a
knowledgeable agent might decide which ontology, schema etc to use.

That is really it.

> I fully appreciate what RDDL tries to provide. I simply have not seen
> any evidence that it (a) solves the problem of determining which
> model to employ to interpret data or 

RDDL does not attempt to solve this specific problem. RDDL is simply
designed to allow an author to label a bunch of resources with attributes
named purpose and nature.

> (b) can be retrofitted successfully
> and broadly onto a web that does not use namespace name URIs to
> identify namespace documents.

RDDL allows anyone anywhere to type a namespace URI into any browser and get
back a document which describes a namespace. 


Received on Monday, 21 February 2005 15:25:01 UTC