RE: Significant W3C Confusion over Namespace Meaning and Policy

I've been thinking about the relationship of namespaces to version
identifiers for a while.  Perhaps the version attribute could be
relative and then appended to the ns uri, ie ns#version=5 or
ns#version/5 or ns/version/5?


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> | What counts is that it is clear which version of which
> | model must be used to interpret the data, and ideally,
> | each version of each model would be identified by a
> | distinct URI which is communicated to the recieving
> | agent and via which, information specifically about
> | that particular version of that particular model could
> | be obtained.
> I'm hoping that the combination of namespace name and version will be
> sufficient. Making the version a URI might be a good idea though,
> since DocBook can be extended by others. (Without changing the
> namespace!? Yep. Such has it always been with DocBook.)
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