Re: [deepLinking-25] Orbitz supposedly prohibits deep linking

Excuse the newbie but how can a company prohibit links deep into their 

If it can then I'd shiver! The item (d) seems to taste like such a link 
would be prohibited if "malevolent"... and that tastes as bad as the 
MicroSoft license for FrontPage which explicitly prohibited usage of 
FrontPage to speak badly about MicroSoft!


Le 14 févr. 05, à 20:38, a écrit :
> (d) you do not present Orbitz in a false light, or provide misleading 
> or false information about Orbitz, or its Site or Services,
> [...]
> Given the Tag's work on deepLinking-25 [3] and the resulting finding 
> [4], this development seems to be pertinent to the TAG's work.  I find 
> it ironic that the Slashdot article's reference to these terms is 
> itself a deep link into the Orbitz site, and might itself be 
> probibited after the policy takes effect on March 12.  

Received on Monday, 14 February 2005 21:02:59 UTC