RE: Significant W3C Confusion over Namespace Meaning and Policy

A pretty good one, not without similarities to the 
proof that 1=0.  All one need do is ignore soem
technical detail in some definition, and a logical
system becomes inconsistent.

That it might be another way to look at the
relationship between a container and its contents
is another story.

Certainly, the material girl would go to jail for
shoplifting if she attempted to defend putting
an extra item into a bag of groceries just purchased
with the statement that it is still a bag of groceries.

It might be the same bag, but it's definitely not
the same groceries, and even she would have to 
acknowledge the increase in material.


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John Boyer wrote:
> B is the same container in line 4 as it is in line 7, but
> B no longer contains the same collection in line 7 that it
> did in line 4.
> Containers change content over time.  The collection
> is the content of the container.

There are other ways of looking at that:

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