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> Just curious:  am I right in guessing that the decision to reserve the 
> unqualified names may in part be a reflection of the fact that there were 
> no qualified names at the time the XML Rec was published?  There is the 
> statement in the original recommendation [1] that:

Even if Namespaces in XML had been stable and integrated into XML 1.0, I 
suspect all names beginning with the three letters X, M, and L would 
still have been reserved. Remember, "No entity names, PI targets, or 
notation names contain any colons."

xml-stylesheet is an obvious example of a processing instruction that 
takes advantage of the reserved nature of names beginning with xml, yet 
does not use a prefix. Furthermore, the spec that defines xml-stylesheet 
postdates Namespaces in XML by about half a year.

Elliotte Rusty Harold
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