RE: Significant W3C Confusion over Namespace Meaning and Policy

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> I think that the general issue of namespace evolution is 
> currently covered in the extensibility and versioning 
> finding.  There is a section on component version 
> identification choices which lists 4 broad based choices for 
> ns management.  Further, the web arch v1 says that specs 
> should specify their namespace management policies.  

I assume you are talking about the document at If so I don't see how this
addresses the core issue that the W3C has inconsistent practices when it
comes to versioning core XML standards and tends to favor backwards
incompatible revisions of specifications. 

That document is simply a laundry list of approaches to versioning XML
formats and not guidance on what the W3C or the average vocabulary
author should do when versioning a format. 

New systems generate new problems.   

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