Re: Request for new TAG issue: Adding terms to a namespace

L. David Baron wrote:
> (a lot of stuff that makes a lot of sense)

I'm surprised you don't even mention deployment on the Web issues, I was 
sort of hoping that I could head home to sleep with the certainty that I 
would return in the morning to see you having brought it up ;)

While changing the namespace for very major revisions to a language is 
probably the right thing to do (eg XHTML 2.0), doing so for smaller 
updates makes it impossible to deploy content from the new namespace 
without either confronting the authoring nightmare of having to know to 
which version of a standard each element belongs or waiting for 90% of 
Web users to have upgraded to an implementation of the latest version. 
This would effectively actively prevent the deployment of any slightly 
improved version in such a way that elegant content degradation to 
implementations may work, and in fine freeze any deployed UA technology 
for many years while improvements to said technology sit in /TR unused.

Robin Berjon
   Research Scientist

Received on Wednesday, 9 February 2005 22:38:10 UTC