Re: Agenda of 20 December 2005 TAG teleconference

I just noticed that the agenda says:

> Approve minutes of MIT f2f: Monday 5 Dec., Tuesday 6 Dec. morning, 
afternoon. See question [1] from Noah 

The question was about updating the minutes to include some corrections 
that had not actually been discussed at the F2F.  I said in [1]:

> Otherwise, I'll assume that silence is assent to my choice of either #3 
#2 (likely #3).  OK? 

There was indeed silence, and as announced at [2], Dave's suggested 
changes have been made (except for the WSDL, which I propose not to 
change).  So, unless anyone's unhappy, we don't need to discuss the 
question any further.  Thank you.



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Received on Tuesday, 20 December 2005 17:02:29 UTC