Re: Initial Draft Finding on Principle of Least Power

In response to overnight input, I've posted a small revision [1,2] to the 
Least Power draft.  Reported problems and dispositions are:

* Problem:  Elliotte Rusty Harold questions whether SQL is Turing complete 
[3] and Jon Hanna points out that at least some versions aren't [4].  He 
further points out that some versions explicitly aim to be Turing 
complete, and are thus bad examples of a language in which exploitation of 
completeness is discouraged [5].   I suspect Elliotte and Jon are right 
and that we don't want to use SQL as an example of a Turing-complete "but 
don't do that" language .  Change:  added "To Do" list entry to get right 
answer and update draft.

* Problem: Roy questions whether PLP was in the 1998 version of Axioms [5] 
as claimed or added in 2002.  That document is labeled:  "Date: 1998, last 
change: $Date: 2002/01/14 01:51:31 $ "   Change: added To Do entry to 
check with Tim.

* Problem: Dan feels it's misleading to list only Tim as editor, since he 
hasn't even reviewed the latest text.  Change:  I've added myself as an 
editor.  We can always decide to remove me if the the TAG prefers.



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Received on Tuesday, 20 December 2005 15:52:49 UTC