qnameAsId-18 vs dynamic environments


  http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/doc/qnameids.html has "Specifications that
use QNames to represent {URI, local-name} pairs MUST describe the
algorithm that is used to map between them." This should be amended to
note that this includes, for dynamic environments, a specification of
the impact of dynamic mutations of namespace declarations on the mapping
as this is not typically specified in relevant specifications.

For example, for

  <foo xmlns:bar='bar1'>
    <x qname="bar:y" />

a naïve implementation might map bar:y to { bar, y } only on initial
processing of the qname attribute and update the mapping only for
mutations of the qname attribute, so if a namespace declaration is
added to get

  <foo xmlns:bar='bar1'>
    <x xmlns:bar='bar2' qname="bar:y" />

the implementation might not take note of this. As taking note of this
is non-trivial, some specifications might even require not taking note
of the change. The mapping algorithm would then naturally also have to
take into account that the dynamic environment might be in a state that
is not allowed by the namespaces recommendations if the xmlns attributes
are used in the mapping processing.

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