NewsML 2: Updated WDs + XML Schema + Glossary + RDF N-triples XSLT transform = Start of experimental phase

Hi news fans,

The IPTC NewsML 2 Architecture WP is very happy to announce that the site has been updated.  Here you will find:

-  A document introducing the current experimental phase (new!).

-  An updated NewsML 2 Model draft (v12)

-  An updated NewsML 2 Technical Specification draft (v18)

-  A Glossary (new!, v1)

-  A set of W3C XML Schemas (new!, XSD format, v0.6)

-  A NewsML2 -> RDF N-triples XSLT transform (new!, v2)

All these resources are provided to help users experiment with 
NewsML 2 in its draft form.

It is now time for experimentation.  Tests and feedback on the 
current documentation would be highly appreciated from the news 

In order to access the XSD schema and contributions, you need to 
download download this package:

When unzipped, this will crate a directory structure like this:

         specification - the Model, the Tech Spec, the set of XML 
                         schemas and test samples (better samples 
                         will come soon)
         documentation - the Glossary plus the introduction to the 
                         current experimental phase
         contributions - the NewsML2 -> RDF N-triples XSLT transform
         examples      - we will provide examples asap

We hope that you will find the material useful.

Please send to this list comments that are relevant to its work and 
send all other comments to:
(for spam avoidance, requires membership)

Misha Wolf
News Standards Manager, Reuters,
Chair, News Metadata Framework WG, IPTC,
Vice-Chair, NewsML 2 Architecture WP, IPTC,

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