NewsML 2 Architecture Working Drafts published

It is now five years since the completion of the NewsML [1] standard
and the International Press Telecommunications Council [3] is hard at
work on NewsML 2.  In November 2004 we published the Requirements for
NewsML 2 [2] and are now glad to announce the publication of the 
first public Working Drafts of:

-  the NewsML 2 Architecture Model [2]

-  the NewsML 2 Architecture Technical Specification [2]

We welcome comments on these documents and will study them carefully 
though we do not have the resources to provide feedback on each 
comment received.

The Working Drafts contain a number of features, issues and questions
closely related to the work of the TAG, such as QNames and CURIEs.
We welcome comments on these and other issues.  Comments closely 
related to the work of the TAG should be sent to this list and may be
copied to the newsml-2 list (but see below).

To submit and/or discuss general comments, please use the NewsML 2 
mailing list:
To minimise spam, we require that people wishing to send messages 
join the list.


Misha Wolf
News Standards Manager, Reuters,
Chair, News Metadata Framework WG, IPTC,
Vice-Chair, NewsML 2 Architecture WP, IPTC,

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