RE: Principle of Least Power

These principles should cover the principle of least responsibility where 
the principle of least authority failed to do more than insulate an
source from misattribution, miscalculation or slander/libel.

The problems of Wikipedia are showing the application of that in spades.
one starts using link counts as an assertion of authority, the court of
becomes all powerful.  The governments are our least worry.  Sometimes the 
wisdom of crowds is the wisdom of the largely uncaring, uninformed and only 
in it for the thrills of the noise.

An interesting application of the semantic web would be one where an
of most importance* is applied to a published text to determine that given
assertions made on the page, who should be notified.  A record of authority 
does not have to be a record of ownership; it can be a record of vetting or 
proofing the assertions.

If you ever build an internal affairs module, you'll understand this.


Received on Monday, 5 December 2005 20:44:23 UTC