Re: Another URI scheme . . .

Henry S. Thompson wrote:

> Further to our discussions about xri and the general matter of new URI
> schemes which overlap substantially with http:
> What do we have to do to get the IETF to at least give us a heads-up
> when a decision like this is coming. . . ?
> Or perhaps this happened, either to the URI list or via the IETF
> liaison, and W3C dropped the ball?  Indeed I see an announcement of a
> new draft from July 2004 on the URI list [1], but no followup at all
> there :-(.

To paraphrase the saying, which is apropos NISO's involvement, is  
that the great thing about names, are that there are so many ways to  
name them. URN, INFO, LACK-OF-INFO etc.. :-))


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