RE: TAG requests help with examples of WS-Addressing

WS-RM, under standardization at OASIS, also uses WS-A heavily including
EPRs. In particular look to the wsrm:AcksTo element which is of type
wsa:EndpointReferenceType. This is a required element in WS-RM messages
such as wsrm:CreateSequence. There are many message examples in the
appendix of the specification.

The first CD of WS-RM is here:

There are many more examples in the WS-* specs as Eric notes below.

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EPRs are also used in the WS-Transactions specifications (under
standardization at the WS-TX TC in Oasis).   


Several other proposed WS-* specifications depend upon WSA constructs,
including the EPR.  The point is that even if end users don't see them,
they are important for use in SOAP headers for various features.

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The Liberty Alliance is making heavy use of EPRs both in 
message headers as well as in our Discovery Service 
responses (used to describe how to invoke web services).

The current draft specifications are available at:

An interesting extension that we have done as well is defined
a new header for responses (EPRUpdate) to update the EPR that
was used to invoke the service (such as redirecting the request
to a different endpoint, adding additional reference parameters,
etc.)  Details on that usage is within the SOAP Bindings 

I believe this is a good example of a complete system 
making concrete use of the WS-Addressing specifications.


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