Re: ACTION NW 2004/05/14: Propose text on tradeoffs for section 4.2.2.

Elliotte Rusty Harold writes:

>> This is an issue for processing software, 
>> not for the XML vocabulary itself.

I'm not sure I completely agree.  I think that many vocabularies have a 
meaning, typically as set forth in their human- and/or machine-readable 
specifications, independent of whether and how software is used for 
processing.  So, if I invent a Noah's Business Card format ncard a typical 
example of which might be:

<ncard xmlns=''">
  <name>Bob Smith</name>

I don't think it's just processing software that particularly determines 
whether the following has any meaning:

<ncard xmlns=''">
  <name>Bob Smith</name>

Presumably, a well written spec for ncard, perhaps taken in conjunction 
with the spec for "airplaneSpec:wingStressLimit" would answer as to 
whether the above would be syntactically acceptable in an ncard, and if so 
what semantic might be conveyed by the combined vocabulary.  So, I think I 
agree with Norm that the issues is inherent in the vocabulary, though with 
ramifications no doubt in processing software.

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