Re: where is the file scheme defined?

> It also has a passing mention of the file protocol as an example inn 
> the
> context of when and when not to mention localhost
>>> URIs that identify in relation to the end-user's local context should
>>> only be used when the context itself is a defining aspect of the
>>> resource, such as when an on-line Linux manual refers to a file on
>>> the end-user's filesystem (e.g., "file:///etc/hosts").
> Does this mean that
> a) file is defined in RFC 1738
> b) file is not defined formally, as RFC 2396 obseleted RFC 1738
> c) Someone else has defined it and I missed it
> d) whatever <$browser> does
> Given the importance of filesystem access for a lot of processing on
> client and server, and the importance of using URI consistently for all
> types of access, I was interested to know the correct answer.

1738 hasn't been obsoleted yet for that reason.
It is an internet-draft being worked on via the list.

I think several people have suggested splitting them into separate
drafts per scheme, but I don't know the status -- most of that stuff
is waiting on me to finish 2396bis.


Received on Tuesday, 29 June 2004 13:17:05 UTC