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>1) specifications that build on XML should tie themselves to XML 1 or
>just XML, and already existing Recommendations should issues erratas to
>that effect;
>2) it must be clarified in the Infoset specification that it isn't tied
>to any particular XML version (or XML 1 sub-version);

In other words, you want to rewrite history. No, this simply will not 
work. When this has been done (notably with the namespaces in XML 
erratum retroactively claiming xmlns:prefix attributes are in a 
namespace) it's been a major hassle, and a source of interoperability 
issues between different specifications.

What you suggest might have been a good idea at one point, and if we 
could go back in time and change the specs before they were released, 
maybe this would make sense. But obviously we can't do that. Let's 
not pretend the specs says something other than what they do say. If 
these specs are incompatible with XML 1.1, then they need to be 
revised: Infoset 1.1, Schemas 1.1, XPath 1.1, etc. Some of these are 
already in development.

   Elliotte Rusty Harold
   Effective XML (Addison-Wesley, 2003)

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