comment on draft finding on abstract component references

Dear colleagues:

The XML Schema Working Group some time ago instructed me, as its
chair, to write you regarding your draft finding on references to
abstract components.  Putting my to-do list in order for the start of
the new year, I find that I have not fulfilled that action.  With
apologies for the delay, I do so now, without changing the wording.

The text follows, as approved by the WG in a meeting on 30 October.


The Schema WG recently noted the draft finding on references to
abstract components [1] and the minutes from the subsequent TAG
discussion of that draft finding [2]. As you are aware, we have been
working on a reference mechanism for our own abstract components, the
latest draft of which is available at [3]. We are relieved to observe
that the TAG agrees that references to abstract components can be
appropriate. However, since we have taken the approach in our work of
leveraging the XPointer framework, we are deeply concerned to see that
some members of the TAG, at least, seem to oppose the use of that
framework. We are concerned that the TAG discussion can be taken as
deprecating and undermining a published W3C Recommendation, and we
note that the issues in question appear to have been known and raised
[4] when that Recommendation was being developed. The objections did
not command consensus then, nor do they seem to us to command
consensus now.

We very much hope that the TAG will not issue any finding which
impacts our work without close consultation in advance -- please let
us know if this is seems likely to be necessary."


Received on Thursday, 8 January 2004 11:28:03 UTC