RE: XML and Versioning

Instead of just making a feature request can you describe a scenario which this which is currently hampered by the lack of this feature and how this feature solves the problem? Building versioning model based on URI structure seems fraught with complexity and brittleness to me. 
If you don't change your direction, you may end up where you were headed. 


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Sent: Mon 8/23/2004 12:20 AM
Subject: XML and Versioning

I wonder if there is a enhancement to Namespaces that could
substantially make it easier to come to grips with versioning.
This is an architectural issue, therefore suited for TAG.

I wonder if it should be possible (for schema processors & people)
to imply base/derived relationships for the basic semantics
of elements and attributes and documents based on the namespace

So that
is consonant with
as is
but not

(Whether this is done using / or using # or some other delimiter
is up to the URL police. Ditto for how it relates to URIs.)

At the moment, URLs are hierarchical in construction but not in
function. We have expressive names, but we are cannot take advantage
of them.

By indicating the semantic hierarchy between namespaces, it
can allow better fallbacks and default processing, thus (when supported
by W3C specs and implementation) allowing people to adopt different
namespaces for derived languages, rather than just the
broad semantics (which is all that is prudent now).

For example, you don't have a stylesheet or schema for
but you do have one for
? Fall back to the second, user agent permitting.

Rick Jelliffe

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