Re: Proposed text for 3.6.3 Supporting Navigation

Chris Lilley wrote to <> on 10 August 2004 in "Re: 
Proposed text for 3.6.3 Supporting Navigation" 

>>>   Dirk goes to, locates the museum, and 
>>> mails
>>>   the URI
>>>;userID=Dirk to
>>>   Nadia. Dirk reads Nadia's email and is able to follow the link to 
>>> the
>>>   map. Nadia reads Dirk's email, follows the link, and receives an
>>> error
>>>   message 'No such session/user'. She has start again from
>>> and find the museum location once more.
> EW>  From the W3C Manual of Style [MANUAL]:
> EW> First person pronouns ("I," "we") which are hard to translate 
> should
> EW> not be used in the text of examples. See the email message 
> "Personal
> EW> pronouns in specifications" [PRONOUNS]. Avoid "my" and "me" in 
> examples
> EW> (e.g., use "userResource" and not "myResource").
> Okay, s/She/Nadia

I was unclear. The problem is the domain label "mymap". Could the label 
"travel" replace "mymap"?

Etan Wexler.

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