Proposed text for 3.6.3 Supporting Navigation

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This proposed text is in fulfillment of my action item from today at the
f2f meeting and is derived from discussion of Issue diwg-1. and realization
that this was not URI persistence (ie, conservation of meaning) but was
instead a new section related to sharing/bookmarking of URIs and
navigation or re-navigation in response to URIs with query parts.

a) In 3.6, change

including promoting URI persistence and managing access to resources


including promoting URI persistence, managing access to resources, and
supporting navigation

b) add:

3.6.3 Supporting Navigation

It is a strength of Web Architecture that links can be made with the
granularity of individual resources, rather than just a particular site.


  Nadia and Dirk want to visit the Museum of Weather Forecasting in
  Oaxaca. Nadia goes to, locates the museum, and
  mails the URI;lon=-96.716;scale=6 to Dirk.
  Dirk goes to, locates the museum, and mails
  the URI;userID=Dirk to
  Nadia. Dirk reads Nadia's email and is able to follow the link to the
  map. Nadia reads Dirk's email, follows the link, and receives an error
  message 'No such session/user'. She has start again from and find the museum location once more.

For resources that are generated on demand, machine generation of URIs
is common. For resources that might usefully be bookmarked for later
perusal, or shared with others, server managers should avoid needlessly
restricting the applicability of such URIs. If the intention is to
restrict information to a particular user, as might be the case in a
home banking application for example, [link]existing mechanisms[/link] of
access control are preferable.

A similar navigation problem occurs where links are made by the POST rather
that GET method - the URI seen by the user does not change, so cannot be
bookmarked or shared with others.

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Yes, the latitude and longitude of Oaxaca is correct, I checked.
Microsoft Streets & Trips is your friend at times like these.

 Chris Lilley          
 Chair, W3C SVG Working Group
 Member, W3C Technical Architecture Group

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