Issues updated


At the 19 July and 26 July telcons, the TAG performed a triage of open LC issues,
dividing them into four piles:

1. Open and on the critical path for a second last call. We have to
   address these before we proceed. (diwg1, diwg2, schema{2,3,5,12},
   msm{4,5,6,7}, nottingham1/i18nwg8, klyne{17,21,25}, manola27,
   i18wg20, and rosenberg5 (though I think the last is now closed by
   editorial revision).)

2. Open, but not on the critical path to a second last call draft.
   Issues in this category are things we'd like to deal with, but we
   aren't going let failure to do so prevent us from a second LC
   draft. (stickler7, schema10, msm8, msm12, baker4, and parsia15.)

3. Editorial. The editor is just supposed to fix these. (weitzner1,
   schema16, parsia11, klyne7, klyne9.)

4. Overtaken by events. Issues went into this category if we felt that
   the issue was addressed in the July 5 draft or that the draft had
   changed so substantially since the comment was made that we couldn't
   tell if it was still relevant or not.

In preparation for our meeting, I've updated the issues document[1] to
reflect these decisions. I also published a new editor's draft[2] that
incorporates all the editorial issues except weitzner1.

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