Rough sketch for an I-D (a successor of RFC 3023)

Here is a rough sketch.  Having presented this sketch, I ask the TAG to 
reconsider its decision to publish an I-D that updates RFC 3023.  It
would be nice if somebody from W3C (probably some member of I18N WG or
XML Core WG?) can help me.  I think that further discussion about the
content of this I-D should be moved to the IETF-XML-MIME ML.

By the way, I cannot find image/svg+xml in the IANA list and cannot find an I-D. 
I find an I-D for application/rdf+xml, but no RFC yet.

1) deprecate text/xml, text/xml-external-parsed-entity, and text/*+xml 

- the MIME canonical form with short lines delimited by CR-LF, making 
  UTF-16 and UTF-32 impossible

- Casual users will be embarrassed if XML is displayed as text, while 
  experts can certainly save and then browse XML documents.  

- Worries that the absence of the charset parameter of
  text/xml and text/*+xml is particularly harmful, since the
  default of that parameter is US-ASCII

2) the optional charset parameter is RECOMMENDED if and
   only if the value is guaranteed to be correct

- Server implementers or Server Managers SHOULD NOT specify the
  default value of the charset
  parameter of text/xml, application/xml,
  Application/xml-external-parsed-entity, */*+xml, or
  Application/xml-dtd, unless they can guarantee that 
  that default value is correct for all MIME entities of these media

3) Fragment identifier

At present, RFC 3023 says:

	As of today, no established specifications define identifiers
	for XML media types. However, a working draft published by
	W3C, namely "XML Pointer Language (XPointer)", attempts to
	define fragment identifiers for text/xml and
	application/xml. The current specification for XPointer is
	available at

We have XPointer recommendations but are not ready to bless 
XPointer.  We should say so.

4) Possible reasons for not providing the charset parameter for specialized 
   media types

I think that "This media type is utf-8 only and thus does not need any
mechanism to identify the charset" is a perfectly good reason, since
"UTF-8 only" is a generic principle.  This should be mentioned in the

5) Needs a real example for the +xml convention.

Application/soap+xml should be mentioned in Section 8 (Examples).

6) Update References 

Reference to three XPointer recommendations without blessing them as 
fragment identifiers of XML media types.

Reference to MathML Version 2 rather than MathML Version 1.1

Reference to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1

Although XML 1.1 is not a recommendation yet, I think that we should
mention it and say "It is very likely that XML 1.1 will reference to
this document".

7) New Appendix: Changes from RFC 3023

We need a summary of these changes 
MURATA Makoto <>

Received on Wednesday, 29 October 2003 11:28:00 UTC