Re: [Minutes] 20 Oct 2003 TAG teleconf (abstractComponentRefs-37, URI Syntax, RFC 3023)

At 6:42 PM +0200 10/24/03, Chris Lilley wrote:

>Thanks for the pointer, which indeed merely says that parens and
>quotes are "hard to parse", a statement easily rebutted by example.
>I was responding to what Roy said on the telcon, which seemed to
>bexactly that parens should not be used in fragids.

No, Roy's e-mail (I don't know what he said on the telecon) is clear 
that *balanced* quotes inside *balanced* parens are hard to parse. 
It's the balance requirement that makes this tricky to parse, not the 
parentheses or quotes themselves.

And if we follow my suggestion of forbidding parentheses inside 
pointer parts, then even the balanced parens on the outside of the 
pointer parts aren't a big deal at all.


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