Re: on "Versioning XML Languages"

On Thursday, October 23, 2003, at 11:34  AM, David Orchard wrote:

> I'd like to offer the way I'd like this to play out:
> 1. The TAG produces a finding on extensibility/versioning that is 
> schema
> neutral
> 2. The TAG produces a finding or a Note on how to achieve said 
> extensibility
> in xml schema.  XML Schema is after all the annointed schema language 
> for
> XML by the W3C.  And customers/specs are using it right now.
> 3. Some group of people (myself/TAG as a body/interested parties) 
> comment on
> what XML Schema could do in v1.1 to make extensibility and versioning
> easier.

I'm OK with this approach. -Tim

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