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I'll add an editor's note to the next draft so that we
track this question.

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On Sat, 2003-09-27 at 00:15, Mark Baker wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a bit confused about the semantics of the interaction between RFC
> 2119 requirements levels and the "point categorization" system currently
> in webarch.  It seems they're at odds in places, since they're not
> orthogonal concepts.  For example ...
> Does a SHOULD in a "good practice" have the same weight as a SHOULD in a
> "principle"?
> Can a good practice use MUST? (e.g. URI Opacity)
> If "SHOULD" *does* mean something different in a good practice than in
> a principle, I feel that the use of RFC 2119 should be dropped because
> it's obviously not being followed.  If not, I'd say that the
> categorization system needs reworking to ensure that the categories
> posess no requirements level semantics, either explicitly (by
> definition) or implicitly (by name).
> FWIW, my personal preference would be to drop the use of 2119, because
> I believe that what webarch is trying to communicate requires finer
> grained requirements levels than 2119 offers.
> Thanks.
> Mark.
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