[RDFinXHTML-35] Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in XHTML


  Action DC: Write up a crisp articulation of issue RDFINHTML-35.
  [DC says - don't expect results before May 2003 meeting]

As of 6Feb, I thought I could let the issue remain dormant
for a while.

But then we had a session on it in last week's Semantic
Web Architecture meeting. So, aspiring to be a great designer*,
I shall steal the following articulation of the issue,
which I consider as crisp as is feasible:

Ever since RDF's inception, people have been wanting to embed it in
their HTML documents. In fact, ever since HTML was invented, people have
been wanting to embed some sort of metadata for extraction and
processing by user agents and crawlers. So, theoretically, HTML and RDF
is a match made in heaven [...].

However, after many raging discussions within the W3C's RDF Interest
Group and elsewhere, there is still no one standard method for
associating RDF with HTML. This is an important thing for the Semantic
Web community to resolve: even the author has quite recently found
himself wanting to associate RDF with HTML for certain applications, but
has had to put-aside the application due to the lack of a standard

The original RDF FAQ contained a piece of advice telling people to
simply embed the XML RDF into the XHTML (cf. Embed XML RDF Part I), but
this was criticized since the approach means that the resultant
XHTML/RDF soup does not validate. This issue has been noted by the RDF
Core Working Group (as faq- html-compliance), and is currently "for
discussion". My hope is that this document will be valuable input into
the issue.
  -- "RDF in HTML: Approaches", Sean Palmer, June 2002

All are invited to review the notes from last week's meeting.
Note that this was something of an ad-hoc meeting, and
the 'minutes' are just whatever anybody thought was worth
putting in the IRC channel... I organized the logs
and presentation materials just a bit...

10:45 - 12:15 Second morning session
        RDF and HTML - Ralph Swick
              * log: 15:48:33 thru 17:06:44, thanks to Sandro Hawke
              * presentation materials: Embedding RDF [and other XML
                vocabularies] within an XHTML Document
              * a proposal which was dicsussed: Pemberton 13 Feb
        background reading:
              * hodder-01 from the RDF in HTML RDFCore last call issues
              * RDFinXHTML-35: Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in

It's possible that some of the proposals being thrown
around for RDF in HTML might work as so-called 'namespace documents',

So I figure I owe www-tag a heads up. So here you are.

Please let's begin an orderly discussion of the issue.
As issue owner, I eventually owe the TAG a proposal
to close it (though if one of the other TAG members
beats me to it, I won't be disappointed ;-).

I'm not holding my breath, but I sorta expect that
in the next few weeks to months, something will come of
the momentum built at last week's meeting; I'm
sorta hoping to see something from Pemberton,
Miller, Beckett, et. al.

If a blizzard of half-baked email breaks out here
in www-tag, I will most likely not read much of it, so
please, please, spend at least an hour or so reading
over the above materials before you post.

Always keep in mind

  Tips for getting the TAG's attention

and note the recent supplement from the chair...

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* Good designers borrow; great designers steal.

evidently a play on...
"Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal..." - van gogh

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