new issue: message passing, a dual of shared state

I think there's a new-ish issue in here...

  not all that's Web is RESTful, Voice *is different* from HTML
  From: Al Gilman (
  Date: Wed, Mar 12 2003

The issue is (perhaps) new to the TAG issues list, but not
new to the community; TimBL has written about it in...

  Conversations and state
  Tim Berners-Lee 
  Date: 1998, last change: $Date: 2001/03/27 17:16:35 $ 
  Status: personal view only. Editing status: first draft.

and clearly we have W3C activities on Web Services
and Voice.

I enjoyed a presentation from which came this more
recent (start of a) paper...

  The Bees and the Ants: The Benefits of Persistent
  and Addressable Media (Like the Web)
  Sandro Hawke
  DRAFT $Id: paper.html,v 1.16 2002/11/28 01:32:37 sandro Exp $

Hmm... this isn't a very crisp articulation of an issue...
but I think I'll send this message anyway rather than
wait for my muse to visit me.

Dan Connolly, W3C

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