RE: Arch Doc: 15 July 2003 Editor's Draft

> So I think this change was reasonable in light of comments.
> I don't think we gain a lot by defining "on the Web." We probably
> gain more by sticking to talking about identification and exchange
> of representations when we mean one or the other or both.

As I've said repeatedly, I would like to see us define "on the web" in our
web architecture document.  I separately provided a variety of justification
for my opinion.  I don't think you could have possibly misunderstood my
desire on this.

I don't understand why you would remove a phrase from the document when at
least one TAG member has strongly indicated that it should remain, and there
has been no TAG consensus that it should be removed.  Please return the
phrase back into the document.  I've offered a variety of definitions that
can provide a starting point for this term.


Received on Wednesday, 16 July 2003 13:10:25 UTC