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> Subject: New issue - Meaning of URIs in RDF documents
> The Semantic Web Coordination group at its meeting of 2003-06-30  and 
> passed on to the Tag the issue which had been loosely described in RDF 
> circles as "social meaning".  As background,

A bit more background...

An issue was raised with the RDF specs back in March 2001
  Issue rdfms-assertion: RDF is not just a data model; an RDF statement
is an assertion.

The RDF Core WG spent a lot of time discussing it; their
best effort to address it was

  4.2 Social Meaning

but at last call, reviewers objected to that text.
(FYI, it includes a story or two, but it doesn't seem
to have a *good* story. It seems tricky to find a story
that brings out the essentials of this issue without
getting sidetracked.)

Some of the reviewers, editors, and interested parties
met March 2003 to discuss it...

and advised the RDF Core WG to take section 4.2 out,
and asked the Semantic Web Coordination group to
figure out what to do about the issue.

In SemWeb CG discussions, there didn't see a way
to specify how this works for RDF without specifying
how it works for the rest of the Web at the same time.
Hence this request that the TAG take it up.

Discussion of grounding documents and terms in
URI space is pretty much the subject of issue...

and discussion of it usually brings up nearby issues...

Dan Connolly, W3C

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