RE: [metaDataInURI-31]: Initial draft finding for public review/ comme nt.

So the architecture need only reference the document 
that states the properties which make this a system identifier. 
It can further state that any process of identification 
is particular to the system using the identifier and while 
vital is not in the scope of the architecture document. 
And make sure Reagle or whoever has an advisory prepared.

Given a good lawyer, one would be pressed to make 
the case that uniquely identifies 
Roy T. Fielding who lives at "thisAddress.. formerly thatAddress... 
married to thisName ...." in the context of ebay transaction #someNumber. 
It can be done but that is what would be needed. 


From: Roy T. Fielding []

..the context surrounding the reference defines meaning by 
its use, not by the URI scheme.

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