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|> | But before you can even broach that you have to decide on whether URIs 
|> | should
|> | be opaque or not. That is where consensus must first be guaged.
|> Handed a random URI about which you know nothing, my position 
|> is that it is opaque and you've got no business peeking 
|> inside it trying to guess stuff.
| So I can agree with that. 
| No guessing... at most I'd only want to know what the relevant authoritative
| spec(s) (preferably a standards) allowed me to know.
| In terms of knowing nothing... does that means not knowing RFC2396? Not
| knowing the particular scheme in question?
| What if I do know 2396(bis) and the scheme in question?

I suppose one can reasonably know the protocol and for some protocols
additional information about the URI, but I don't think any of these
things really counts as metadata in any significant way.

In fact, I think this could be described as a syntactic understanding
of the URI as opposed to any sort of semantic understanding.

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