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/ was heard to say:
| But handed a URI with either a known URI scheme (like <A HREF="mailto:)">mailto:)</A> or
| from a known organization (based on a domain name), It is appropriate to
| peek into the URL according to either the standards of the scheme or 
| standards 
| of the sending organization.

I think the best you could say is that it "may" be appropriate.
Sometimes. For some agents. I don't know of any places that provide
such guarantees on a domain-wide basis.

| IMO, both areas of further URI standardization (scheme, domain) should be 
| encouraged.

And I'm inclined to say it should be discouraged. It isn't
interoperable, and significantly it won't scale (pick two or three
bits of metadata and you can probably devise a scheme that'll work.
Now pick two or three thousand bits...).

It adds complexity where it can be removed.

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