Re: [metaDataInURI-31]: Initial draft finding for public review/comment.

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> I would appreciate some feedback on this draft. Whether a simpler, shorter,
> finding is a better path to take? Whether "Don't peek inside URIs" is all
> that need be said?

Hi Stuart,

First, to answer your questions:
1. A simpler and shorter finding is only better for the "don't peek inside" 
2. I disagree with the "Don't peek inside URIs" sentiment.  

The "Don't peek inside" position stresses the use of identification as an 
assertion of 
uniqueness and possibly a mechanism to locate that unique thing.  In essence, 

an opaque "pointer".  While those are necessary functions of a URI, 
imbuing an identifier with additional metadata should be 
encouraged.  First, additional metadata in a URI makes it 
easier to keep the URI "cool" (as in <A HREF=""></A> by
adding classification metadata to the identifier (as with the W3C URLs in 
Second, additional metadata in a URI enables a higher-level
of efficient processing on resources by applications that *just* want 
to process URIs.  Opaque URIs would eliminate that increasing possibility.

Best wishes,

 - Mike
Michael C. Daconta
Chief Scientist, APG, McDonald Bradley, Inc.

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