Re: Clarifying what a URL identifies (Four Uses of a URL)

On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 11:39:07PM -0800, Larry Masinter wrote:
> This is an important context in the W3C. XML uses URIs to
> indicate a 'namespace'. In this formalism, you don't have
> to imagine that a 'namespace' is a 'resource'.

I understand how some believe that this may helps clarify the situation
by isolating what they see as inconsistent models.  But from my POV,
doing so always prompts a question; wouldn't a unified model in which
XML namespaces, cars, and web pages could all be included, necessarily
be more general and powerful?

Whether you agree that the model Roy describes is that model or not
(I believe it is), do folks believe this is a worthy goal?  If so,
perhaps we could say something in webarch about that?

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