Re: argument from authority considered pointless

Tim Bray wrote,
> This may be a fair statement of where the angst is coming from. 
> Let's assume, as a thought experiment, that it is.  So, do we fix the
> definition of URIs or do we fix the specification of RDF?
> Since the vast majority of software out there actually does implement
> URI semantics per RFC2396 (Roy is right; look at a browser or robot
> source code any time), the cost of changing that definition is higher
> than the cost of changing RDF, whose deployment is at a much earlier
> point in the historical curve.

Is it tho'?

RDF doesn't need any changes to URI _syntax_. Nor does it need any 
changes in network protocols, clients or server. All it needs is for 
some bogus metaphysics to be ditched.

Exactly _what_ would that break?



Received on Wednesday, 22 January 2003 19:06:59 UTC