Re: URI/URI ref distinction (was on "How to Compare Uniform Resource Identifiers") (Graham Klyne) writes:
>I think the distinction made between "identifier" and "reference" is
>still useful.

I agree that it's a useful distinction.  I just don't believe that it
should be allowed to obscure other distinctions.

>But the conflation of "resource" with "view"/"fragment", when the
>latter is representation dependent, is harder to explain consistently.

It's definitely harder to explain.  In addition to "identifier" and
"reference" you need to talk (and think) about "resource"  and
"representation", which may not have been what you wanted to do

I don't mind suggesting that developers stick to URIs proper (no
fragment identifiers) if they can't handle that possible overload.  That
seems a wiser course that just ignoring the interplay between
resource/representation and URI/URI reference.

Simon St.Laurent
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