MIME thresholds (was Re: Options for dealing with IDs)

Norm Walsh writes:
>I think it's unfortunate that we've got an extensible markup language
>but we're encouraging everyone that uses it to invent a new MIME type.
>I thought, once, that an extensible markup language would
>automatically give us a uniform fragment identifier syntax, but I
>regret that appears not to be the case.

The threshold at which developers should spin off their own MIME types
for XML vocabularies is a pretty difficult question, one that's
well-worth examining in greater detail.  I suspect it's something that
should be discussed on ietf-xml-mime before it comes to www-tag, but
you've definitely put your finger on some interesting, complicated, and
potentially explosive questions.
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Received on Sunday, 12 January 2003 18:56:32 UTC