Re: [Minutes] 24 Feb 2003 TAG teleconf (site metadata, namespaceDocument-8)

On Thursday, February 27, 2003, 8:55:28 AM, Patrick wrote:

>>   2.1 Site metadata hook
>> [Chris] there is no way to give a URI of a site as opposed to a URI
>> for a welcome page for it hmm... sites are significant resources,
>> no? so they should have URIs.....
>>    [Roy]
>>           /

PSnc> I would propose that

PSnc>    denotes the HTTP server

PSnc> thus

PSnc>    <> a x:WebServer .

PSnc> and that a separate URI scheme is needed to denote
PSnc> actual physical machine,

No, that is not the distinction I was trying to draw. Not between the
site and a machine, but between a site and a page. is the URI of a page, with a length and content
and so on. It may also, informally, for humans that can resolve the
ambiguity and overloading, be used to refer to the entire site.

For machines, this is not sufficient. Currently, the concept of 'a
site' is poorly defined and impossible to cleanly reference, this was
my point.

PSnc> When one does a GET on either or
PSnc> we are simply redirected to a default home 
PSnc> web page,

Its a welcome page not a home page, and it might not be a redirect.


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