RE: Proposed issue: site metadata hook (slight variation)

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> ... The real problem is with firewalls
> blocking any request using the OPTIONS method, but as metadata driven 
> services come on line,  I would have to think that this issue would
> go away.

I would hope and expect that, given the import of whatever extensions
are blessed by the W3C to realize the semantic web, that folks will
sit up and take notice, and do what is needed to support them.

Including firewalls, APIs, servers, browsers, etc.

No, it won't happen overnight, but I think it is a mistake to presume
it won't happen, and to shy away from the most technically optimal solution
because it might not work immediately *today*, at this very moment,
and to instead adopt something else less optimal, possibly even a
kludge of the existing machinery would be a grave error.

So, perhaps the Java SDK doesn't support new methods such as MGET. Perhaps 
firewalls will block new methods such as MGET. Certainly most servers
will not immediately understand new methods such as MGET. But in the
long run, it's IMO the cleanest and most optimal approach to realizing
the semantic web along side the existing web.

And as more and more servers and clients are semantic web enabled,
using the new methods, these temporary obstacles will lessen and
disappear, and our children will thank us for taking a longer term
view of things.



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